Sex parties in the UK

Sex parties in the UK

Tuesday, 11th February 2020

Things have changed enormously on the sex scene over the last ten years or so. The combination of the internet and more liberal attitudes towards intimacy now mean that practically anything goes, including fully-fledged sex parties.

The swinging community is developing fast, with members finding new and exciting ways to explore their desires. Themed parties related to events throughout the calendar year are becoming increasingly common, allowing people to enjoy these special times of the year in wholly new ways.

The number of sex options is expanding rapidly, too. There are singles events, couples events, and events which specify different types of attire.

Do you have questions about sex parties? Read on to find out what’s happening now right here in Britain.

The Rise Of Themed Nights

If you’re bored of going to humdrum parties and having the same old conversations about your job, then you’re not alone. Every year, millions of people all over the country endure this ritual, seemingly without end.

Now, though, themed sex parties provide a radical alternative. Here, it’s not about trying to make the time pass faster by indulging in your favourite alcoholic drink but enjoying sexual intimacy with all the beautiful people in your vicinity.

Themed nights run in parallel with significant events during the year, such as Valentine’s Day (as you might expect), Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and others. Here, the idea is to dress up as sexily as you can, but with a clear seasonal theme. At Christmas, for instance, you might want to put on your best fuzzy red lingerie set. At Halloween, you might wear a witch’s hat and nothing else.

A lot of people go to parties at these times of the year, so themed events are becoming more popular. But there's a difference, though. Sex parties are a chance for you to ditch the boring outfits you'd have to wear at office parties and embrace your inner sexiness.

Different Attire At Sex Parties

Attire for sex parties differs according to the rules of the people running it and the going theme. Thus, what you wear is at the discretion of the organizers.

Clearly, if it is Halloween, people will be wearing half-scary, half-sexy outfits, but there may be specific rules you need to follow.

There can, for instance, be differences in what men and women are allowed to wear. Some operators, for example, ask men to dress smartly in suit and tie, while allowing women to wear whatever they like. Others may have rules about what you’re allowed to wear at the pre-party.

For women, the choice is between lingerie, fully nude, and fully-clothed. Lingerie probably gives you the most options to have fun and experiment. Some naturist clubs offer a fully-nude policy from the outset, although these tend to be rarer in the UK.

Some parties insist that everyone arrives fully clothed, including women. The idea here is to give people a chance to get to know each other before the swinging gets underway, increasing the tension and, no doubt, the desire. Clothing also gives you the option of holding back a little if you’re new to the scene, testing the waters as you go.

Fully-clothed options also allow you to dress extravagantly (or however you like for that matter). For themed nights, like Valentine's day, this option makes a lot of sense. As a woman, you could go as a naughty princess looking for her true love, complete with tiara and pleated dress.

Partner And Single Events

Sex parties also fall into different categories depending on who will attend and in what capacity.

Partner events are the most common. Here couples meet up with other couples to explore their wildest fantasies, swapping partners as they see fit.

There are also singles events. These are for people who are otherwise unattached and want to meet like-minded individuals in the community. They are a chance to have fun, meet new people, feel sexy, and explore intimate desires with other members.

Some organisers offer women-only events. These tend to take a different tack and sometimes feature instructors who provide information on sensuality, arousal and orgasms. They’re a chance for women to learn about their desires away from men and learn more about what it means to feel turned on. That’s not to say that these occasions are dull - far from it. There’s still plenty of opportunities for pleasurable experiences, just that they tend to have a slightly different atmosphere.

Taster Events

Jumping headfirst into the swinging community works fine for some people, but others need a more gradual entry. Taster events allow curious people to test the waters in a safe environment to find out whether swinging is something that would interest them.

These events don’t usually end in full-blown orgies, and there are no requirements to take off your clothes if you don’t want to. It is more an opportunity to get a taste of what’s in store if an individual or couple decides that they want to take things further. If there is any sensuality during these events, it is almost always solo or between existing partners. There’s no expectation for people to branch out beyond that.

Popular UK Swinging Locations

The UK sex party scene has now spread to most major cities across the country. London, as you might expect, is a hotspot, but there are also swinging opportunities in Manchester, Brighton, and others.

The location of these parties is kept a secret until just before the event to protect member confidentiality and keep guests safe. If you use an agency, information is usually only available vetted members - people who pass strict entry criteria.

As the swinger scene develops across the UK, the type and variety of sex parties on offer is changing too. Today, there is a buffet of events that will fulfil even the most curious of sexual appetites. Those who choose these parties can finally say goodbye to dull small-talk and “hello” to something fundamentally more thrilling. With sex parties, you have a chance to indulge your desires and have the sex life of your dreams.