COVID-19: The future of sex parties

COVID-19: The future of sex parties

Thursday, 3rd September 2020

While some creative individuals turned to digital sex parties during the COVID-19 lockdown, there’s simply no substitute for the real thing. But what will sex clubs in the UK look like post-pandemic? How can you go to a swingers party or attend orgies if you’re technically not meant to touch each other? Here’s what to expect from sex-parties post-pandemic, and how you can stay safe while still having lots of fun.

The Virtual Sex Party

During the pandemic, many clubs (like Le Boudoir, which opened two days before lockdown) offered online nights, where members from across the world dressed up (or dressed entirely down), played games, and hosted digital orgies. During the height of Coronavirus, with no one being allowed within six-feet of each other and sex-clubs closed, this was the only way to explore your desires with others.

Sex party organiser Killing Kittens saw a 330% rise in website traffic during the lockdown, with their first online party selling at £20 a ticket and selling out in 2 days. Events still had dress-codes like fetish, all-black, and leather, and offered everything from couples to threesomes and full-blown orgies. They all hosted performance artists and partied into the early hours of the morning.

But with the pandemic lifting and people wanting to get back to their favourite sex party, what happens next? Will people stay digital or look to attending sex clubs, even if they can’t enjoy it in the way they used to?

Sex Clubs Open Their Doors Again

Some sex clubs reopened early, with Xstasia opening its doors with restrictions lifting on the 4th of July. But the post-lockdown conditions necessitated a sex ban, with members staying 6-feet away from each other at all times. The sex club was offering more of a social meet for those interested in orgies, fetish, or the swinger’s scene to gather together after many months of isolation.

The Eureka Club in Kent also reopened its doors with more of a social spin on its former sex parties. It now boasts new cocktail, and prosecco bars, outside seating, and their accommodation is also open to guests. When it reopened in July, the playrooms and outdoor facilities like the swimming pool were still closed, but it still hosts for its Saturday night events, just with social distancing and no sex. It’s essentially a classy night out for those interested in sex parties, swinging, and orgies.

The Government has invested almost a quarter of a million into the sex party scene by supporting Killing Kittens with the Future Fund, which helps businesses affected by Coronavirus. This is a positive sign for the near future of sex parties, orgies, and sex clubs as they remain supported until lockdown restrictions ease further, and they are all safe to reopen.

Precautions In The Post-Pandemic Sex Party

To protect its guests from the Coronavirus, all clubs that opened for some socially-distanced fun now use temperature checks with medical and non-contact digital thermometers. These devices give your forehead a digital scan from a safe distance. If your temperature is in a safe range, you’re free to join in the festivities. Sex clubs are using this to reassure their guests and keep them safe so they can relax and enjoy themselves. If your temperature is over the normal range, you won’t be permitted into the club.

Many clubs with fully installed sex swings or dungeons will also mark these as out of use or cordon them off, as with all reopening businesses, to indicate which areas are closed to the public. Providing marked entrances and exits with signposts containing social distancing instructions will also be expected for the foreseeable future. All sex clubs make it a priority to sanitize their public and private spaces regularly, but this will be even more essential post-COVID-19. Anti-bacterial hand wipes and gels will be widely available, with regular deep-cleaning in place for all areas, from bars to beds.

Like the Eureka Club, some clubs are also participating in the Government’s track and trace scheme, but with discretion, if the person’s playmate isn’t their regular partner. All open sex clubs are functioning as more of a no-sex social gathering for like-minded individuals than full-blown sex parties at the moment.

The Future Of The Sex Party

In the post-pandemic pre-vaccine world, the social bubble turned sex bubble will keep sex parties infinitely more exciting. The Dutch coined the term ’sex bubble’ to describe couples who meet to have sex but update their sex buddy about who else they see. The bigger the bubble, the greater the risk of spreading the virus. It’s the perfect excuse for intimate gatherings or smaller, closer orgies.

Parties may turn more intimate with smaller sex bubbles in the UK so you can explore your desires with a closer group of people. Social bubbles will also be an excellent way to meet without bursting the safety net. Groups of couples that can visit each other’s homes for an intimate sex party will keep you all engaged and entertained without questioning who’s been with who.

The biggest question is assessing what people are comfortable with, in this post-pandemic world, with some people ready to meet up in-person while others don’t think it’s safe. And above all, while you still can’t touch each other in public, all events are pretty much no-sex unless they’re confined to the digital world.

In July, an in-person orgy did take place in Greece, at a millionaire’s private villa. Fees for a private suite cost £2,700 per couple, and individuals had to be fully-tested for Coronavirus before they attended. Only those that tested negative could participate. The event was so selective that masks were worn to protect identities, and rigorous interviews and selection procedures were needed before you could attend.

Swingers Festival Going Ahead

The ever-popular two-day Swing-Fest offers fire-breathers, male-strippers, and live performers, and apart from a ban of the adult bouncy castle (and sex), it seems unaffected post-COVID-19. The event is taking place at the HU9 swinger’s club in Hull. It’s an exciting sign for some of the Swingers sex-scene that the festivities are still going ahead. Although the festival was initially banned, the event was given the all-clear as long as attendees don’t have sex. The event has become more of a social gathering of like-minded swingers from all over the country to finally talk about their favourite hobbies face-to-face.

However, hosting the event has sparked controversy amongst the swinging community, showing we aren’t all on the same page about how sex-parties should look post-pandemic. While some people welcome the chance to enjoy live entertainment with their fellow-swingers, some people still prefer to keep events more intimate or within the digital realm. Most people are still opting to stay safe and keep any in-person meetings strictly social.

Orgies Are Going Digital

With many clubs saying that as much as half of their income comes from virtual sex parties, many events in the next few months might stay digital. However, the casual Zoom sex party may not be possible, with Zoom banning many online April events. Still, many tickets for digital events are being sold on sites like Eventbrite, suggesting the future of swinging may be partly online.

In a world where you can’t touch people in public (unless they form part of your social bubble), virtual events might still offer the best way to explore your desires post-coronavirus. You can meet, play, and explore interests with people from all over the world in your own environment and still dress up (and down) with some fun and excitement.

Adult Friend Finder has even launched an app to help you find virtual orgies, called ‘Virgy’. You can end up in a room with up to 20 people - either with people you know or strangers, depending on your preference. Virgy allows you to host online events without worrying about a privacy breach or being kicked out of events through other conference tools like Zoom, while still enjoying your favourite hobbies.

If you’re new to the world of sex parties, online events also offer an excellent opportunity to test the water and discover what you’re comfortable with, without attending face to face events until you’re ready.

Keeping Sex Parties Social

During the pandemic, social media platforms like Desires allowed you to stay in touch with your fellow swingers in a safe and exciting environment. Online swinging communities have flourished during the pandemic, with threesome dating app 3Fun seeing almost 800,000 new users in March.

The sex party community going party digital allows for more intimate and private events that encourage more members to join at their own pace without committing to an in-person meeting. Digital environments act as a safe and secure way of expressing your sexuality with like-minded individuals and truly discovering your innermost desires.

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital swingers community’s growth, increasing membership to many sites a few years faster than anticipated. With technology developing constantly, it will be interesting to see what fun events post-pandemic life will bring to you at the end of 2020 and beyond.